ExclusiveDeals, a Win-Win

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Twenty years ago Tourico introduced the pre-purchasing of hotel room blocks, these ‘ExclusiveDeals’ provide added benefits to both the supplier and client. Making up only 2% of the company’s inventory, but accounting for 42% of the revenue.

“Tourico pioneered the pre-purchase of hotel room blocks in 1995 and today, 20 years later, we are utilizing this strategy more than ever – providing added benefits to both our supplier partners and distribution clients,” said Uri Argov, Founder and CEO of Tourico Holidays. “Howard Johnson Penn Station, in New York City, was the first ‘ExclusiveDeal’ we ever signed, a $277,000 annual commitment. Now we have over 20 pre-buy partners in New York City, including 44,000 room nights at the Grand Hyatt New York in 2015, and over 400 total exclusive partners worldwide.”
Tourico has recently decided to prioritize these pre-purchased rooms and to head that Tourico has created a new team dedicated to securing these type of deals. ExclusiveDeals provide guaranteed monthly income for hotel partners and heavily discounted rates for clients. More ExclusiveDeals means more profit!

For more information about Tourico Holidays’ ExclusiveDeals business, visit: exclusive.touricoholidays.com.

Source Digital Journal  October 19, 2015
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