Crossing Digital Seas: New Cruise API!

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Tourico Holidays continues to stay ahead of the tech curve!

We have just announced that we have updated our cruise API – Application Programming Interface – for the development of web, mobile and cloud apps. Using the new API, travel agents and other distribution partners can easily integrate Tourico’s worldwide cruise inventory with a broader range of applications.

Our clients have told us that there was a real need for a cruise API that enabled them to utilize live cruise inventory across a variety of sales channels,” said Lori Sheller, Vice President of Cruise Development for Tourico Holidays. “Well, we listened, and we’ve innovated a new API to ensure that our clients’ customers can search and book a cruise using any platform, with results that are quick and convenient.”

Tourico Holidays’ cruise business includes 15 cruise lines and more than 10,000 different cruise departures throughout the world – including in the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Asia, Australia, and South America. Tourico will also be offering Viking Ocean Cruises in the near future, after partnering with Viking River Cruises in September of 2015. The entire inventory is currently available to distribution clients through Tourico’s host-to-host API connectivity. Clients that are selling hotels through Tourico’s API can now also find cruises on the same point of reconciliation, making it even easier to bundle the two products.

In February 2016, compared to the same month last year, Tourico’s gross profits from cruise reservations have increased by 63%. As more cruise distribution clients realize the effectiveness of the company’s API, Tourico expects similar growth throughout the year.

“Several companies have already piloted our new cruise API with great results, and a number of others are in the process of integrating right now,” said Sheller. “Even with a huge cruise database, our technology still returns results in less than one second.


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