Cruising to Success

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Let’s sail away together! January was a record-setting month for cruise reservations at Tourico Holidays: sales were up by 49% when compared to 2015.

This is consistent with the growth the entire industry has been experiencing in recent years. In 2000, there were approximately seven million cruise passengers per year. By 2020, the number is expected to be upwards of 25 million passengers. The average transaction size has increased year over year by 30%, due to the overall price increases in the sector and the introduction of the popular Viking River Cruises to the Tourico inventory—which have an average transaction size of $7,800 per cabin.

Although prices overall are on the rise, a cruise is still an incredible value for a vacation. Cruises account for dining, entertainment, and onboard activities in their base fare. From a simple weekend getaway with friends, to a week in the Mediterranean with family, there is a cruise for everyone.

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