Tourico Fuels Company Growth

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Tourico Holidays Travel Academy started in 2014 and has since received over 7,200 applicants with a highly competitive acceptance rate of only 2%. Applicants have come from impressive international backgrounds, including 1,550 from Ivy League schools and other top educational institutions from around the globe. The intense 10 week program allows those accepted to gain hands-on insight and training into the travel industry. In the coming years, Tourico plans to increase their recruitment into the Academy, accepting 280 students in 2016 and 750 per year by 2018.


“After an overwhelming number of extremely competitive applicants, coming from top schools across the world, we realized that we were in a strong position to increase the capacity of our in-house program – and continue to fuel company growth,” said Uri Argov, Founder and CEO of Tourico Holidays.

Tourico used WTM London as the perfect platform to meet face to face with travel industry enthusiasts that can be introduced to Tourico Holidays.

Source: ETB Travel News

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